Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Gap of Time

Where oh where has the time gone. I find myself putting off posting for I don't know why. Here it is, practically months later and I've only posted twice. Well, that will be boosted to three posts by today. I've taken a whole load of pictures and there are far too many to post but I'll post some I took today and some of my favorite from the past what is it again..... months I suppose. Ok... well here goes.

Grandparent's old phone (I love old Rotary phones)
Light on a ceiling fan, I loved how the lighting turned out.

Now for photos that I've taken and particularly liked over the past, what ever expanse of time it is.

Two lovely sunsets (I think they were the same evening. Definitely shows how sunsets can change)

There are still some other photos to upload but I'll upload some later. This will hopefully allow me to post some tomorrow. Cross your fingers, I'll try and get back as soon as possible. Thanks for all of your kind comments, they are appreciated whole heatedly.

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